David Kim for Georgia's 7th Congressional District




The son of hardworking Korean immigrants, David is fighting to protect the American dream because he’s lived it.
While studying economics at Harvard University, David became interested in the relationship between economics and education, a passion which inspired him to give back to the community and begin tutoring local students. Kim founded C2 Education in his dorm room and has since grown it into a company that includes 180 centers, thousands of employees, and has helped educate over 50,000 students to realize their own American dreams nationwide.
In 2005 David fell in love with the community and potential of Duluth, Georgia and moved his wife MJ, daughter Jacqueline, son Henry, and company headquarters to the area.
In the years since David has continued to contribute to his community by serving on the board of the Washington Youth Foundation and as a commissioner on the Montgomery County Commission on Children and Youth.
David’s work has been recognized in such publications as Forbes Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Inc Magazine.
On Wednesday, June 7th David announced his candidacy to represent Georgia’s 7th congressional district in Congress. As a small business owner and a political outsider, he’s running to hold Washington accountable, fight through the extreme partisanship — and actually deliver results for the people of Georgia — to ensure that his children and the next generation have the opportunity to earn their own American dream.


We are currently in the process of selecting other candidates to support in the 2018 election cycle.